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Hi, I'm Lexy Wolze and welcome to my blog!♥

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April 29th - Haley's Bachelorette Party!
May 2nd - My birthday!
May 3rd - Haley's wedding!
December 2nd - Baby's due date!

April/04/2014 - 0 notes

I just want to be in a sexy red ferrari cruising down the coast of California, long blonde hair curled, MAC lipstick perfected, CHANEL shades on, maneuvering the pedals with my Christian Louboutin’s, and my Céline bag sitting in the passenger seat right next to me.

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really disappointed in you Google.

really disappointed in you Google.

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just breathe

March/03/2014 - 2 notes

Everyone is worth saving, even the monsters. In the face of darkness you drag everyone into the light. That is the point of YOU.

February/02/2014 - 4 notes

Just because i’m blonde and my name is Lexy doesn’t mean i’m going to sleep with you.

February/02/2014 - 16 notes

not a love poem.

I’m really selfish. I’ve been selfish my entire life, especially with my hard earned money. I never want to spend a penny on anyone but me because quite frankly, I don’t like any other being besides myself and I do, I’ll admit it, I spoil myself constantly because that’s what makes me happy and I know I shouldn’t be this way but I can’t help it. Things like donating money or buying friends & family gifts don’t make me feel good. In fact they make me feel the complete opposite because all I do for the next year after that is worry, thinking about all the things I could have bought instead. It’s just like playing Minecraft on the xbox where the world is limited and so are the resources. I won’t let anyone into my world because I don’t want them to mine any materials and waste them because if I were to ever mine that entire world, I could never get back those few ores that were wasted and for whatever reason, the thought of that makes me really uncomfortable. It’s a horrible feeling, constantly worrying over something so trivial when I know it’s not a big deal and I wish I weren’t like that but I am, or at least I was until recently. Lately I wander about life, shopping every day like usual except now with you in mind. It’s no longer, ‘i want to buy this because i like it’ it’s more like, ‘wow, I want to buy this because i like you and it’ll make you happy’ which in such, still renders me to be selfish because if you’re happy, I’m happy therefore I’m only doing it for me ultimately making me selfish and I buy you things, yes, but that’s not what’s weird to me. What I find to be odd is the fact that when I’m purchasing something for myself, it’s still about you. I bought new sheets & pillows yesterday and all I could think about was what sheets would be most comfy to cuddle with you in. When I went to Gamestop I ended up buying games that we could play together. While buying shoes I buy shoes that I think you’ll like on me. Even when buying gum I buy gum that I know you like so if you ever ask me for a piece of gum, I’ll have your favorite kind. I keep fruit punch stored in my fridge and your android phone charger plugged in next to my bed.

I know this isn’t very romantic, it’s probably the farthest from it but what I’m saying is you’re the first person that I’ve ever enjoyed going out of my way for and this coming from the most selfish, materialistic, cynical person in the world… that has to mean something, right?

p.s. You still can’t join World Wolzington on xbox.

February/02/2014 - 3 notes

Anonymous asked: TMI Tuesday: What is the sexiest scenario you can think of?

Like dirty coal miners.. But in space. With overalls made of licorice

February/02/2014 - 1 note

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January/01/2014 - 3 notes

5am Doctor Who

5am Doctor Who

January/01/2014 - 8 notes

Who needs a boyfriend?

Who needs a boyfriend?

January/01/2014 - 16 notes

How To: Get A Boyfriend
STEP 1: Be attractive to men
STEP 2: Be charming
STEP 3: Study the art of witchcraft
STEP 4: Shave off your hair
STEP 5: Absorb his life force
STEP 6: Eat his bones
STEP 7: Wear his skin

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stick around, i’ve got lipstick on.

December/12/2013 - 28 notes

just realized that i would rather eat a hamburger made out of my own parents than breathe the same air as Lorde

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Waiting Game - Banks